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Roland Sebastian Faber Podcast

Friday, February 26th, 2010

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…Faber uses original analogue synthesizers to create his sound, and they’ve long been a part of his life: he received his first synthesizer as a present from his parents when he was 15; and he’s gone on to master their use on both a technical and musical level. Some of the best elements of his music are his key changes; the subtle use of little ‘sound effects’ to enhance the atmosphere; and his ability to keep the listener engaged in a progressive musical experience – the trademark of his idol Klaus Schulze.

His new EP ‘Gropiusstadt’ takes its name from a housing estate district within Berlin, designed by the late German architect, Walter Gropius, who was the founder of the Bauhaus school…

Enter the cosmic world of Roland Sebastian Faber.

Audio-Podcast created by Ian J. Wilson, Australia.

Thank you Ian.



Wednesday, February 24th, 2010


HOUSE OF KIDS « Dix filles difficiles »
12Mail du 25 février au 23 avril 2010
Vernissage le jeudi 25 février de 18h à 21h
12 rue du Mail 75002 Paris

Check the HOUSE OF KIDS curated CD, including Roland Sebastian Faber’s ‘Molecular’.


Roland Sebastian Faber ‘Gropiusstadt ep’ (aube009)

Saturday, February 6th, 2010


cover illustration by Emil Schult



Roland Sebastian Faber – Gropiusstadt ep

February 2010 and Roland Sebastian Faber is back at last with another slice of his trademark expansive and filmic kosmische musik on the Gropiusstadt EP (aube009).

As usual RSF brings his unique blend of the mechanical woven in perfect unison with the psychedelic as drum machines and sequencers intertwine into space along side guitars and soulful vocals.

The whole 3 track EP is sounding like a lost TATORT gem from the late 70s. A soundtrack of the early hours in a lonely grey concrete Berlin.

Comes in premium packaging with cover illustration from Emil Schult (Kraftwerk) and 180 gram vinyl pressed with the highest analog perfection.

Buy it here (Vinyl & mp3)

aube009 by aube records