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Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Son of Sam – Nature Makes A Mistake
Original from the “sex and bestiality” tape (1984), Code# K23


The Fascination Movement ‘Bringing down the walls’ (aube008)

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

aube008 jpg

The Fascination Movement – Bringing down the walls

1) Bringing Down The Walls
2) Bringing Down The Walls (Instrumental)

Moody, intense, sultry, with a driving bassline and a killer wordless refrain: It may be coming to you in the crisp first days of September, but “Bringing Down the Walls” was forged in the sullen heat of summer.

It’s insistent and humid like a packed dancefloor but there’s a nocturnal, reflective side to “Bringing Down the Walls” that gives it more depth than you might expect from such a sleek, compelling club anthem.

Once again the Fascination Movement has threaded the tricky path between melancholy and propulsion and came back with a song that possesses the best qualities of both sides.

The new digital single is out now exclusively via Amazon MP3 @ 265kbs (US, UK, France, Germany)
and Aube Records @ 320kbs (Everywhere)

Listen in full on their myspace HERE