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The Fascination Movement – 0.5 ep (aube006)

Monday, December 1st, 2008

theFM front cover

The Fascination Movement – 0.5 ep

If you secretly believe that all of the best dance music has an undercurrent of melancholy then you are in for a treat. *After releasing their remix of Starcusters Smoke & Mirrors featuring Marc Almond earlier this year, the FM return with a debut EP of original music. The 4 song EP mixes the echos of new wave and italo with analtogether  contemporary sensibility and take on the genre.

They’re not alone in that quest, of course, their lineage stretches back to disco and new wave and forwards into today and anyone from *Solvent* to *Cut Copy*. Not that they’re narrow-minded or less than catholic in their tastes (not for nothing did *one of them play bass on the highly rated new Fleet Foxes album*), but the Fascination Movement run the kind of big tent where overly strict notions of genre crumble before finding that perfect tune that makes you forget what kind of day you had at work or that the economy is in shambles, that makes you want to drive down a highway all night long, that breaks your heart, that puts it back together again.


That fascinates you. 0.5, as the name indicates, is a first step, a rough draft, a plan, but damn if it doesn’t give you a healthy dose of faith in the whole project even as you’re humming along.

0.5 by The Fascination MovementVinyl, CD or MP3s buy here.

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