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Featured Music Artist – Cypertramp

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008


Q: What is a Cybertamp?

A: Two musician/producers in the United States on a path leading into a mysterious, secret world of analogue synthesizer collectors, robots and back alley studios hidden away in the valley of a long forgotten rivertown.

S.M.W., the producer behind the project and H.M.A., a DJ with a knack for mixing 80’s heavy metal and italo, together create a sound that both recollects the bygone disco era, while holding tight to a vision of a future where man and machine can, at last, live as one.

With their debut Aube single, an upcoming Aube release, we not only get Cybertramp, but the wonderful Italo vocals of Mario (whom rumour has it, is one of Italy’s greatest Italo disco singers, back for an encore.)


Stay tuned for more…